Why Does Your Plan always fail

Why Does Your Plan always fail

Why Does Your Plan always fail

Why Does Your Plan always fail ….

Because you didn’t use logistics and supply chain management as your guide to building a new upcoming business idea, they always say that the ancients like our Greek ancestors would always have a solution to business build ups. Sort of how they built there ancient history as everyone agrees Greek history is very tempting in its own way that they there were they first to develop the term logistics meaning speech, reason,and rationality. The word logistics is actually derived from the Greek word ” Logistiki” meaning accounting and financial organization. Just like they say the ancestors said it all…paying attention to this would help you realize that logistics is the study of how to build your financial and accounting organization rationally and reasonably in the chosen manner of speech.

In Business School of which I am a graduate I had to take all these subjects that made no sense, but in my semester before last i had a professor who taught me the class of which i acquired my Logistical skills and supply chain management, he said – ” one of the most famous and well known companies today have become this was because they put some order in there building strategy and this subject is the strategy they used” he gave an example on “Lays” – the chips company- its original strategy was to go with the flow of the market but logistics made it clear that it is the task of managing and coordinating both key flows of material flow and information flow. The Logistical use in large firms is to describe the science of movement, supplying, and maintenance of tasks at hand, it provides a sense of order in a way.

Logistics has many different functions and support operations to tie the knot and make it one big block to hold the building from falling down, the major functions of logistics are set out into a plan form as such, which has a beginning and an end like a story. here’s our time line…


– It takes the responsibility for managing the movement and storage of materials from original supplier to final customer. ( the steps of the product supply chain)

– It provides satisfaction to consumers by managing the data from end-customers back to supplier ( feedback)

– It helps supply feedback from supplier to retailers so that products could be accurately planned and controlled. ( product improvement)

this is where the cycle ends and repeats itself all over again

The End

After this chain is completed there is one last guide to complete the first step of logistical planning, make a chart of your support operations and they should almost always include:

– Your organization should deliver products to customers

– Classify these products into goods and services

– Then manufacture them like Sony, Lays , and Ford provide tangible products but you could all be like BBC and AT&T and provide intangible services (communications).

all these support operations should be made in a form of a chart after doing so you should apply your logistical functions that we talked about earlier to wrap it all up.

Hope this helps you realize the first block to be building in your business.

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