What Comes to Mind when You Hear….

What Comes to Mind when You Hear….

What Comes to Mind when You Hear....

What Comes to Mind when You Hear….

I’m here to ask you this time around I’m tired of answering and i have a few questions that i would like an answer to: As a business owner you consistently have to keep asking yourself a billion questions over and over again, its endless chain because the world around you isn’t stable, what are some factors that could cause you to be confused all the time?, why don’t you just stick to one plan instead a million?, who out there has to deal with all the changes you deal with, how do your customers feel, or where does your mind take you when you here Operations Management?

well while you answer in your own way i have a theory as well, The factors that change around us aren’t limited they can include products, services, consumers, time value of money, or competitors etc.. sticking to one plan means you’ll never flourish to get that opportunity of a life time to rise with the market but instead you’ll find yourself in debt after a while…your consumers make the change for you people dealing with it are like me and you business owners or just competitors…your customers will always have a specific vision in their heads that you might not be able to achieve but that’s okay because they always have a backup image the one that you make for them with a price to fit their needs.. thinking of operations management i know i put my foot into a big pile of products and service adjustment and changes.

So what is the solution you ask its simple, read about operations management and be careful with every stage because they all complete each other like a sort of cycle that turns round and round, Operations Management is the part of your organization that is responsible for producing goods and services, it also traces feedback from consumers to see the level of satisfaction they are at, so they can improve quality and cost. There are Three main steps for operational management Design, Operation, and Improvement of productive system…

Design is the number one aspect in a products feature, along with packaging there the first impression for the product if the wrapper of a candy has two people killing each other on it would you rather buy that or buy a regular candy bar with a shiny package, for me i would go with the second one maybe many people may not agree with me on that but almost 95% of the population would, its described as the plan to reach the consumers hearts and the firms goals.

Operations as the second step it falls after design placing number two on your to do list, the operations here refer to the management of the product phases from top to bottom are also referring to the look out for competitors and it doesn’t stop there be aware of the time value of money along with comparison to you competitors try to always be the middle price.
For example: lets say there is a coffee maker at store x for 10 dollars and at store y its for 11 dollars then you fall in between you sell yours for 10.5 dollars.

Improvement of Productive System the last and easiest step to do, here after all the hard work is done and your product is in the market you should look out for feedback actually you should go look for it yourself, after feedback from your consumer comes back you take that feedback put the good in a pile and the bad in another after sorting them out turn the good into excellent and then the bad into good, and that’s how the process keeps moving for each product you distribute.

For More information about Operations Management check in again I’ll be adding some more great information and advice.

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