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Make Your Own Policy

Make Your Own Policy

Make Your Own Policy

In every decision you make from here on out include your point of view don’t ever hold back because that will always leave you to be in second position. In today’s world you must consider all your options to make your on way through it. That’s why I’m here to guide you today to help you create your own path by making your own policy. In every department or job you apply for you’ll notice they have a policy of their own. In economics there are nature policies that are very useful to understand the world around you.

Macro-Economics is rare science that is concerned with the overall performance of the economy, it examines a variety of investments to manage money and interest rates, and realizes what causes international financial crises sort of like the housing bubble in the US that occurred in 2008 a team of specialized economists where there to help analyze the situation and try and figure out how to resolve the whole situation, that’s what macro-economics is all about.

All economic branches are for the better of the society they all complete each other that’s why as you read more into economics you’ll realize that each and everyone of them have a principal that they follow but it is all based on measurements and instruments, The number one ideal objective you have to look at is the output of the economy with high level and rapid growth, the number two objective you have to look at is the high level of employment with low involuntary unemployment, the rates of unemployment are becoming higher, and the number three objective you should be worried about is maintaining the pricing system stable . All these put together lead to the first step in making your own business policy, to go far with that policy you should use some very important instruments such as:

The Money Policy, which is your financial bases which keeps you going to maintain the money supply to determine the interest rate


The Fiscal Policy, which is depending on the government regulations that you should abide by, like governmental expenditures and taxation.

These put together make the second step in your policy you have to number one measure your objectives then use the instruments to see if your moving in the right direction, its all one endless cycle, the last step to your policy is step a goals, some of the macroeconomic goals are:

– High growth of national output

– High employment with low unemployment

– A stable or gently rising price level

– Defining the approach to figure out the inflation rate

Some goals you could have for your business would be like keeping salaries at a minimum, providing well services to all around you, trying to get more with less, and try making more branches to try and help with the problems of unemployment rates.

Hope you make the right choice as a business owner with you very own policy think of all that is around you, then you could reach a quick solution.