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Making the right decision..

making the right decision
Making the right decision..

making the right decision
So many people are asking the same questions over and over: is a business degree eligible for the world today? do you think that it has a wide range of jobs? does it pay well or do I have to open my own business and pay a large capital in order to succeed as a business graduate ? Okay first I want you to chill, calm down, and take a breath, just from its name “business” you should know that its a pretty successful field, nothing in this world moves without it. Think for a second each company has an accountant, marketer, public relations department, human resource services, and management those are the major basics I didn’t even mention the types of managers the economist or the amount of accountants and marketers they need AM I RIGHT??

making the right decision

As a business graduate I have worked in so many fields, business is not just about accounting,marketing, or finance it also has a wide range of subjects in which you must engage in order to pass as a business administrator or anything else in the business world, your major studies of course are accounting,economics,marketing, and finance but there are other things like information technology, psychology, human resources, management,different languages and computer skills. If you ask me in my opinion a business degree is the only degree that you’ll benefit from and will open as many doors for job opportunities as can be. Based on personal experiences I would like to tell you I worked as a teacher, an accountant in a school district and in a small start-up company, as well as a computer translator for a small website company, and taught creative writing in two different languages if that isn’t a wide range field than what is ??

making the right decision

For the paying part just remember that no one starts big you must walk your way up the ladder but for the most part giving yourself a chance to work in so many different fields will help you reach a pretty satisfying salary at the end of the month, later after gaining enough experience and finally deciding that you have found what you’re really good at and what you mostly love to do then you will need to start emphasizing on that field of study getting yourself prepared for the process of specialization into business which is where you pick what your good at what you love doing and enhance it by making additional studies getting a job only prior to that field of interest. If you don’t think any field in business suits you best then open your own business you don’t need a huge capital there are so many types of businesses you could start like an online business, a craft type business, or if you could provide a good enough capital make a small restaurant, a shop, or supermarket.

making the right decision

In my opinion a business degree isn’t a waste of time or money, on the contrary its a chance for opportunity and change. My point is make the decision that suits you best don’t hesitate to take risks life is full of wrongs and rights, its not wrong to fail, its wrong to not try to succeed.

This is what they didn’t tell you about HRM

This is what they didn't tell you about HRM

Tips On Human Resource Management

To all those out there that would like to understand what Human Resources is all about, you should know first that it could be downsized to the simplest abbreviation “HR” although its tasks are so much bigger than its abbreviation, Today we will find out what exactly HR does for a firm….

Human Resource Management are the policies and procedures involved in carrying out aspects to manage positions in a firm such as recruiting, screening, training, rewarding, and appraising. All Firms with a well known reputation have an HR department such as Coca-Cola, Apple, and BMW. Each and everyone of those companies knows that having a good reputation starts with a good workforce and team work. Human Resource Management is divided up into several jobs :

Sector A) Well trusted employees for conducting job analysis meaning to determine the nature of employees job.

Sector B) An employee needed for planning labor needed and shortage in staff as well as recruiting job candidates.

Sector C) A good staff to spread the word for open job candidates

Sector D) Well trained staff team to train and orient new employees

Sector E) Hard core employees that work to budget the company, maintain wages and salaries, as well as compensate employees

Sector F) Manager going to retire and has great experience to develop and train new managers to manage all the above

Sector G) All human resource staff building employee commitment to build a sort of culture in the firm.

All these jobs line up to give one result in the end Success…., but they don’t just line up to achieve success they also work on the three major functions of human resource management. As any HR staff member would say “In doing the Job you must succeed, and to succeed you must follow job functions to reach the goal” The functions that help lead to the success of these companies and yours as well if you follow these three easy functions and putting them together with different job sectors :

Line Function is the most important function of all its where HR managers Direct HR activities in their own department, their tasks are to line authority and imply authority this function would tie best with Sectors (F),(G), (B), (A), and (D).

Coordinative Function is the second most important its where all HR managers coordinate HR activities, their tasks are to function all activities this function would best tie with sectors (C), and (F)

Staff Function is the third and last function its also as important as the first two its ties all the functions and jobs together, its where HR managers advise and assist , manager in other organizations, their tasks are to take hold of staff authority, innovate them, and produce employee advocacy, this would best tie with Sectors (G),(E), (D), (F), and (B).

Well that’s about the easiest guide made just for you, so take out a piece of paper and a pen right now and start jotting down all the mistakes you see in your firm and start by making of checklist of the staff you already have see what you need to change and what can be improved. This is a great and simple guide to get you started on a new and more improved road.

Good Luck