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You Failed Because They Made it Boring

You Failed Because They Made it Boring

You Failed Because They Made it Boring

When hearing something for the first time you get an impression, that impression is called the first impression meaning you either make it interesting and worthwhile or you just go home. First impressions apply for everything: people, job interviews, relationships, and advice. The advice I’m bringing your way today is not because you read an article that bored you or a professor that tortured you means that what they were saying wasn’t important but what was wrong about there presentation was there “first impression”.I want to give you a taste of my own first impression and i want you to be the judge if I’m the same as both the people i described earlier then I’ll stop offering advice and get help myself.

As you all know that being a business owner is a tough job and requires so much time and energy well by following a few easy steps you’ll be on your way to starting your business, every business is shaped like a pyramid needs building blocks and usually the strongest are at the bottom because they hold it all together, if your base is wrong then the whole business is wrong.

#1 Base is Organizational management, and I’m not going to lecture you by saying management is the process of coordinating work activities efficiently and effectively etc… what i want you to do is break down that definition into three important words you’ll be using through out your entire business career : process, efficiency, and effectively. Process is an on going function engaged by all employees especially managers, efficiency is using less to achieve more ( less input more output) , and effectively is attainment of your goal in the correct manner.

#2 Base Divide your organization into a pyramid chart your bottom base would be the Non-managerial employees such as Accountants,Human resources, Staff, Labor, Maintenance, Cleaners etc.. The second level base is for the First Line Managers those whom that manage the work of the non-managerial employees such as Head of Accounting department, Head of Human resource department etc…. The third level base is for the Middle Managers those whom manage the work of the First Line Managers usually there titles as regional managers, project leaders,or division managers etc… The fourth level base and the last are the Top Managers those who are responsible for making the organizations wide decisions and the establishment of the goals and plans that affect the organization as a whole, such as CEO, COO, President, Chairperson , or Executive President.

Those are the first to bases to business success without getting bored a guide you can implement in ten minutes hassle free, don’t waste your time with those big words just get straight to the point and start your business right today.