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Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom

Life isn’t about the right moments its more about the moments that we can grasp, these moments are usually based on wisdom, not the wisdom that we hear about but the wisdom that we all know is right, the feeling that always creeps up on our gut.

Every week, tune in to my weekly wisdom blog where I’ll talk to you about all the the opportunities ahead of you where you should not hesitate and take your chances, if you never try you’ll never know. The best advice I’ve ever got is to never regret something I wanted to try no matter the outcome you should always trust yourself and your thoughts.

Every morning we wake up with the world on our shoulders, I know because I’m that same person I wake up feeling like I wish my life would change hoping for a miracle to come by and hit me right in between my eyes and change my entire life. Sometimes I wish I could find a green lantern or a genie lamp that life would be better, but almost two years of being this really sad person, I woke up one morning and thought to myself why not just change my life around for myself why sit there and wait for a miracle that isn’t coming.

That’s what I did, I went out and decided to fulfill my own dream, keeping to myself that dream till I knew how to achieve it, I learned through out my dark times that everyone around me keeps secrets and get to where they are by hiding their plans, making you look stupid when you look back at yourself and how you trusted these people all this time, these people could turn out to be not only your friends or co-workers but they could also be your own family members, this world has become a really sick place.

My wisdom words for this Wednesday is always make your own choice, make it happen, and change your life to the way you want to live it. Our parents and grandparents lived there lives without anyone telling them, they built themselves in time of war and poverty they made your country great, they earned your respect and they made you what you are today so don’t be ashamed of what you want to do be sure it comes from your heart and follow it because your gut feeling always wins.

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